Friday, December 4, 2009

Types of Hackers

There are thee types of hackers White Hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat

If a White Hat Hacker finds a fault in a security system i.e. a website then they will 
inform the owner immediately. 

If a Grey Hat Hacker finds a fault he will do what he feels like at the time i.e. exploiting the site or informing the owner. 

A Black Hat Hacker if they find a fault will immediately exploit the site for there own beneficial gain i.e. advertising and infecting other computers with "Viruses","Malwares","Trojans" to gain access to more sites. 

So a hacker can be many things from protecting systems by informing the owners or Exploiting and stealing data.

The most common name for the destructible type of "Hacker" is a "Cracker

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